Cole Petersen


Agent (Theatrical): Amsel, Eisenstadt & Frazier, Inc.
Agent (Voice-Over): Cunningham, Escott, Dipene
Management: Simmons and Scott Entertainment
"Paris" (2003) ... as "Young Jason" (Supporting)
"An Angel on Abbey Street" (1999) ... as "Boy" (Supporting)
"American Pie 2" (2001) ... as "Kid" (Supporting)
"Include Us" ... as "Cole Petersen" (Principal)
"Cold Case" (2006) ... guest-starring as "Brent Harding" in episode: "Saving
    Sammy" (#2T7905)
"Entourage" (2006) ... recurring as "Max Ballard" in episode: "Dominated"
"Commander in Chief" (2005) ... co-starring as "Hunter" in episode: "First
   Scandal" (#107) 11/08/2005
"Crossing Jordan" (2005) ... guest starring as "Todd Reynolds" in episode:
  "Under the Weather"
"E.R." (2004) ... guest starring as "Harry Price" in episode: "Twas the Night"
   (#11.9) 12/04
"One on One" (2004) ... co-starring as "Timmy/Skeleton" in episode: "Manic
   Monday" (#4.8) 10/24/2004
"Mad TV" (2004) ... co-starring as "Trevor" (#10.1) 9/18/2004
"Oliver Beene" ... special guest star as "Bobby" in episode: "Babysitting" (#2.14)
"Malcolm in the Middle" ... co-starring as "Tony" in episode: "Malcolm Visits
   College" (#5.16) 3/28/2004
"Summerland" ... recurring as "Chris" 6/1/2004
"St. Georges" ... series regular as "Jojo"
"Alias" ... co-starring as "Boy" in episode: "Reckoning" (#1.6) 11/2001
"Unsolved Mysteries" ... guest starring (lead) as "David" in episode: "Maryanne's
   Story" 9/2001
Ingrid Shaw (Improvisation, Cole Readings, Scene Study)
Real Pros 2 (One on One Cold Readings w/ Casting Directors)
Young Performer's Studio (Super Saturday - Workshops w/ Casting Directors)
Diane Hardin Workshop (Young Actors Space)
Young Actors Space (Improvisation, Ongoing Seminars)
Bernard Hiller (West-Side-Commercial Workshop)
Special Skills
Southern Dialect
Drumming, skateboarding, scootering, rock climbing (speed climbing, overhangs)
Good with animals (worked in Africa with Lions, Elephants, and Monkeys)
Great screamer, video games, great chess player, good student
Swimming, baseball, bicycling, roller blading, ice skating
Loves Airsoft guns, deep sea fishing, and cars
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